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Many computer user does not know how to increase hard disk performance in your system.
This tutorial helpful to learn increase hard disk speed eith simple tips on
Today, hard disk is most commonly used storage device in personal and laptop computers. The accessing speed of hard disk is also very high as compare to other storage devices.
In windows XP and windows 2003, you can increase the performance of hard disk. You can enable a special buffer in the computer memory to better deal with the hard disk interrupts. By default this special buffer is not configured in all window versions.
Perform the following steps to enable this feature in windows XP/2003: 
  • To active this feature, you will need to be logged into your computer with administrative rights.
  • First click on Start button and go to Run, type SYSEDIT.EXE then press OK button to execute this command.

The "System Configure Editor" will appear with four different windows (System.ini, Win.ini, Config.sys, and Autoexec.bat).

  • Close the top three windows and expand the "System.ini" window.
  • At the end of this file, you will find a line [386enh]. 

Again at the end of this line, press enter to make one blank line and then type in that line.

(This line is case Sensitive.)

  • Now go to "File" menu to save these setting. 
  • Close the "System Configure Editor" and reboot your computer after any changes to go into effec

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