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Many visiter search on google how to increase Alexa rank with my website. this problem face every people who  created a new blog or a website. I am give some tips for increase alexa ranking in google and in internet . Many people send new blog to buysellads.com so they earn some money by their blog but unfortunately buysellads.com not approve their blog are site because their alexa ranking does not under 100k and buysell also require  100,000 page impressions per month for new sites. So i am sharing below important tips for your new blog follow some step for increase alexa ranking .............

1-Download Alexa toolbar free. If you are using Firefox, I recommend you to use another plug-in called SearchStatus which not only displays the Alexa rank but it also shows page rank details, no follow links, meta tags, keyword density of a page etc

2-Put an Alexa rank widget on your blog. Each click will be counted as a visitor.

3-Encourage your friends or colleagues to use Alexa toolbar. Explain them about the tracking system of the toolbar. Ask them to rate your Alexa website profile.

4-Try to get digg or stumbled. This will bring massive amount of traffic to your site and contributes a lot to your Alexa rank.

5-Write content related to webmasters. This is because most of the webmasters use Alexa toolbar. You may write and post articles related to SEO, webmaster tools. Webmasters always look for new tools and may revisit your website to gain access to the tools. Promote your articles on webmaster forums and social networking sites.

6-Buy links and banners from webmaster forums. A well displayed ad can bring lots of webmaster traffic to your site and boost your rank. But you need to have unique and good content on your blog to attract more and more visitors.
7-Write about Alexa and post in your blog. Bloggers love to know about different ways of increasing their Alexa rank. This may eventually increase traffic and your rank.

8-You may try Alexa autosurfs for a new site or blog. They may work for new sites having almost zero Alexa rank. But they are not a long term solution.

9- Write best post everyday in your blog and be update your blogger.

If you follow above step your alexa ranking increse in two month and be happy yaar.

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