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By adding Comment Feeds to your posts, you can follow the conversation without the need to visit the post's Permalink page. This is beneficial to readers of the blog who want to be notified when new comments are added to a post they have already commented on or a post with comments they'd like to follow.
  • Email notifications of new comments can be received by submitting the comment feed to third-party service, like Bot A Blog or FeedBlitz. More information is available .
  • Follow ongoing conversation on older posts without visiting the blog's archives.
  • Designate posts specifically for discussion and receive notification of new comments in your feed reader. Highlight the posts in your blog's sidebar with a .
Comment feeds are only available for individual posts, not comments published to all posts.

 1.Log in to your dashboard and click design tab now  Edit HTML

2.Click on "Expand Widget Templates"

3.Scroll down to where you see this: <data:post.body/> Tag.

4.Copy below code and paste it immediately after <data:post.body/> tag.

<p style='background-color:#ffffc6;'><a expr:href='"" + + "/comments/default?alt=rss"'>Comments Feed For This Post</a></p>

Note: Replace YOURBLOG with your blog url name.

5.Now save your template and you are done.


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