Blogger9:- Add gmail effect feedburner subscription widget in blogger. 1

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Hi friends now add best Gmail effect feedburner subscription widget in your blogger log easily.

Follow simple and easy step to adding this widget in your blogger blog ---->>>>

* First go to your blogger Dashboard.

* Now click in design tab and you are here --->>> Page element.

* Click in Add gadget which is in your blogger sidebar.

* When open new window click in HTML/javascript from list.

* When open new blank box copy below code and paste in blank box.

<div class="widget-content">

<i>Subscribe for feeds to get updates:</i>
<a href="YOUR FEEDBURNER EMAIL URL HERE" target="_blank"><img alt="Subscribe Via Email" border="0" src="" /></a>
<i>Enter Your Email And Click Subscribe</i>
<form action="" method="post" onsubmit="'YOUR FEEDBURNER EMAIL URL', 'popupwindow', 'scrollbars=yes,width=550,height=520');return true" style="border: 0px solid rgb(204, 204, 204); padding: 3px; text-align: center;" target="popupwindow">
<input name="email" style="width: 140px;" type="text" /><input name="uri" type="hidden" value="blogtalksite" /><input name="loc" type="hidden" value="en_US" /></form>
<input alt="Subscribe" class="subbutton" id="zoosbmt" src="" type="image" /></center><a href=""><img alt="" height="26" src="YOUR FEED COUNTER BUTTON SOURCE HERE"/></a>

NOTE:- Change Highlighted text in above code with your own ok
* Now click to save your HTML/javascript and now you are done.

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rajkumar said...

how to find my feed burner email url and feed burner button source code for my blog?


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