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Hi friends you can add recent post widget by using Feed2Js easily how can you do this read full this article.

Follow simple and easy step to adding this cool and special widget in your blogger blog ---->>>

* First go to this URL by clicking here--->>>

* After clicking in above link you can see form as below.

* Now fill the form as above given form in the site.

* Now enter your Blog address look like as

Number of items to display. Enter the number of items to be displayed (enter 0 to show all     available)

* Show item descriptions? How much? (0=no descriptions, 1=show full description text, n>1 = display first n characters of description) 

* Show item posting date? (yes/no) Display the date the item was added to the feed. 

* Open links in a new window? (yes/no) Should links open in a new window or replace the content in the page containing the feed? 

* Click to Generate tab and when you show javascript code copy this . 

* Now  go to your blogger Dashboard and click in design tab. 

* Now you are here --->>> Page element. 

* Click in add Gadget which is in template sidebar. 

* When open new window click in HTML/Javascript from list . 

* When open new blank box copy generated Javascript and paste in blank box. 

* Now click  to save your HTML/javascript and now you are done. 

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