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Hi friends now this method you can add custom google friends connect widget in blogger sidebar or footer.

Follow simple and easy step to adding this trick in your blog ---->>>>

* First go to your blogger Dashboard.

* Now click in design tab and now you are here--->>> Page element.

* Click in add Gadget which is in sidebar.

* when open new window click in HTML/javascript from list.

* When open new blank box copy below code and paste in blank box.

<!-- Custom Google Friend Connect javascript code. -->
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<!-- Define the div tag where the gadget will be inserted. -->
<div id="div-Your Blog Id Here" style="width:265px;border:1px solid #cccccc;"></div>
<!-- Render the gadget into a div. -->
<script type="text/javascript"> 
var skin = {};
skin['BORDER_COLOR'] = '#cccccc';
skin['ENDCAP_BG_COLOR'] = '#222';
skin['ENDCAP_TEXT_COLOR'] = '#fff';
skin['ENDCAP_LINK_COLOR'] = '#0000cc';
skin['ALTERNATE_BG_COLOR'] = '#ffffff';
skin['CONTENT_BG_COLOR'] = '#eeeeee';
skin['CONTENT_LINK_COLOR'] = '#0000cc';
skin['CONTENT_TEXT_COLOR'] = '#333333';
skin['CONTENT_HEADLINE_COLOR'] = '#333333';
skin['NUMBER_ROWS'] = '3';
google.friendconnect.container.setParentUrl('/' /* location of rpc_relay.html and canvas.html */);
 { id: 'div-Your Blog Id Here',
   site: '14369203123335141502' },

NOTE:- Change highlighted text in above code with you own. You can get Your blog ID by clicking in new post tab in address bar look like as blogID=6893580777401238204
And change width as your sidebar or footer 265px

* Now click to save your HTML/javascript and now you are done.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to know that how you implement the google friend connect in your site as you add it below in this site .

Conspicuous Style Design Blog said...

Do you have to change the 'site' code? I can't get this to work. thanks


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