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 Amazing Cool Online Image Editors ! Nice----<>>>>>

Photoshop: As the name suggest, it is lightweight version of the heavyweight brethren desktop Photoshop. But there are still some rough around the edge which is quite expected, but it is smart enough to let you do some menials tasks like cropping, resizing images and if you are new around design industry, you can try out its effects, though they may not be that much perfect. This is perfect tool for those who wish to have a small version of Photoshop online to do some repetitive tasks without opening Photoshop again and again.

Splashup: if you go by its interface, you may be in for a surprise. It looks almost a carbon copy of Photoshop and the best part of it is that you will not be missing much of its effects. Apart from offering some image editing facilities, this online image editor also comes loaded with wide range of tools. You can have layers, filters and Splashup is extremely powerful at multiple image editing without making your browsers unresponsive. And do not forget to pull images directly from facebook, Picasa, Flickers to this extraordinary online image editor.

Picnik: This is a less powerful online image editor and it is basically built around the concept of enabling users making small changes in images. Nevertheless, this is still a nifty little online image editor quite capable of taking some extra loads as well. It is great at creating filters, doing some basic editing tasks but you should not look for layers here, it is conspicuously absent here. It is good at getting connected to Myspace, Picasa, Facebook with Picnik.

FotoFlexer: It is another basic online image editor like Picnik and it is probably developed with the concept of offering a fast and easy to use interface for doing some basic touchups and editing. And without any shred of doubt, I can say that, it is really good at it. However, to be very honest, this tool really needs some serious makeover if it is to survive the competition.

Aviary: It is all-in-one kind of tool. It got everything that you can fancy about and its effects are no way less perfect than its desktop counterparts. It is quite capable of doing some complex tasks like grouping, taking layers, filters and other advanced options. It is a perfect online image editing tool for anyone who wants to have everything online.

Pixlr: It is my favorite though it has been wronged as another attempt at imitating Photoshop. Since the interface is quite similar to that of desktop Photoshop, you can jump at it without looking over your shoulders.  Its features are not crude and there are different options to play around. It is really superb at image editing and what else you want from an online image editor except this?

flauntR – Now if you are lazy like me who find it irksome to go through the same techniques hundred times a day to generate a desired effect, flauntR is probably the best online image editor available. This online image editor comes preloaded with massive collections of cool effects and it takes some clicks and all the effects will be applied. It is that easy. But it has its drawbacks. Advanced editing is almost impossible with this tool unless you go crazy with the existing set of tools. However, its tools are good enough for doing some basic tasks like doing minor tweaks here and there in the images. This online image editing tool has integration with almost all major image sharing website or online community.

Sumo Paint: It is another Photoshop lookalike tool but definitely it is not a run of the mill product by any stretch of imagination. And its collection of tools is quite impressive. Its interface is intuitive and impressive at the same time.

MyImager.com – This is one such online image editor I would hate to have in my collection. Its interface is awkward and it takes some doing to come to term with this. But despite its awkwardness, some people do fall in love with this awkward online image editor and so, I have left with no choice but to include it.

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Vimal Dwivedi said...

I am new to this blogging world and making my way for finding articles about image editing because don't have expertise in Photoshop...
these tools gonna help me in my blogging path..
thanks for your share..
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Xanae Lewis @ white label SEO said...

I am not familiar with other online image editor. What I liked the most is the FotoFlexer. It is very user friendly application.

Top seo forums said...

Thanks for sharing such a great article. Its really impressive too.

Parigyan Tamuly said...

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