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If you own a business and still haven’t used one of the most powerful media, for your business marketing then its time you gave it a shot. The Internet is the medium with perhaps the widest reach across the globe, and hence if you aim to market your business on a global level, then you have to make use of the Internet facility for sure. Internet is an effective medium for business marketing and provides a wide range of platforms on the worldwide web for you to display and market your products and services.

Basics of Internet Business Marketing

First of all you need to know about all the platforms that the Internet provides you to market and promote your business. If you thought that creating a website is the only thing that you need to do to use the internet for business marketing, then it is time you refresh your Internet business marketing basics. Internet marketing includes the following platforms:
  • Business Marketing Website
  • Business Marketing Blogs
  • Business Press Releases
  • Business Networking
  • Business Marketing Research
  • Business Email Marketing
  • Business Advertising
Business marketing on the internet makes use of each and every opportunity to communicate with the audience which could be either potential or existing customers and investors. Let us know more about how you can utilize each of these marketing platforms to the fullest.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Effective Use of Your Website

Your website is a reflection of your business, and hence make sure you have a clean and simple website with concise and quality content. The key to having a great website starts from the url itself, which is the name of your website. Pick a url that will attract attention and yet will not sound like a hoax. A well designed website will obviously and advantage, but is not a prerequisite, you can get your basics right and still be successful over the Internet. This is the age where everyone is looking for simple and straight things, if you complicate your website too much and add unnecessary embellishments, it will definitely be a turn off for the visitors. Use an appropriate color scheme and graphics for your website. Marketing is all about building relation and enhancing communication with your audience. Give all the details about your business, starting from the history, the achievements and benchmarks and current credentials and clientèle. It is always wise to categorize the information in separate tabs, which gives a clear and systematic look to the website.

Do not make your website look boring with the use of extensive text, always use interesting graphics and photographs to illustrate the text messages and bring harmony to the website. Add detailed information about all the achievements and successful business projects undertaken and completed so far. Always provide a feedback option wherein people who are interested can revert back to you with their queries. Provide links to other related web pages like your recent press releases, your blog sites etc to pique the interest of the readers. Try and conduct various polls and contests on your websites and announce prizes for the winners. Increased readership often translates into increased profits and hence acts as a major boost to the business.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Business Blogs

Most of the people would question the need of a blog in of an official website. Why do you need a blog for business marketing? The answer is the enhanced interactivity that blogs provide, their informal appeal and their rising popularity on the web. Blogs have emerged as a very successful communication medium with the number of bloggers increasing day by day. The blogging community is expanding day by day and has a huge influence on the Internet. Having a website is not enough, you need to go a step further and have your own business blog to enhance the marketing. In case you have your partners on the web, do not forget to link your blogs together to increase readership. Blogs can not only help you to keep updating daily news snippets and information about your business but also serve as an excellent medium for people to contribute to your blog and share their views about your products and services.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Press Releases

Press releases are short succinct pieces of information that allow the readers to know the latest developments and achievements of your business. Press releases are touted as effective Public Relations tools and hence also play a major role in business marketing. There exist several websites that allow you a platform to share your information and publish it on the Internet. Social news aggregators or article directories are the best platforms to publish your press releases and create publicity for your business. There exist paid and free varieties of such websites. Depending on your requirement and capacity, you can select a site for publishing your press releases.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Business Networking

Business networking is an inseparable element of business marketing. At the end of the day, every businessman knows that the success of the business does not depend on the number of customers. You need more investors, you need franchisees for expansion of the business and the Internet is a great place to meet people from the same field and interact with them. There exist several platforms for businessmen to interact with each other and discuss their business prospects and other related issues. Networking websites also offer a great way to forge new business partnerships and business deals. The most important factor of online business networking is the fact that small scale as well as large-scale business owners can be reached on a common platform.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Advertising

Have you ever noticed the small or the pop-up advertisements on the Internet? The Internet is a large advertising platform for all sorts of businessmen. There exist all sorts of advertising options, but pick the ones that are authentic and effective. Avoid using pop-up ads since they are an annoyance to the Internet users and are often blocked by pop-up blockers used by a majority of people. There exist several facilities like Google Adsense, which make sure your advertisements are featured on relevant web pages and websites.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Online Research

The Internet is home to a wide range of people with different age groups, genders, people with different profession, different lifestyles and different buying habits and preferences. This is a place where any businessman can access any target group that he thinks is suitable for his/her products and services. Online research and surveys of target audience with respect to their shopping preferences and requirements are easily possible on the Internet. There also exist various research and survey websites that will carry out the research for you at a fixed minimum price. Online research helps you to fathom the customer requirements and accordingly plan your marketing strategies in future. It also allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities by results of comparison between your products and other competitors. Online research also enables generation of useful mailing lists that includes contacts of people who could genuinely be interested in your products and services.

Tips on Internet Business Marketing: Email Marketing
After websites and blogs, email is the best marketing tool over the Internet. Unlike websites and blogs, an email provides a communication mode that is more personalized. However before undertaking mass email marketing it is advisable to conduct the online research and surveys to generate relevant mailing lists. Also while sending the marketing emails, care should be taken about the content of the mail. It should not appear as a spammy email that is truly an annoyance to the reader. In case you have mailing lists that include people who have done business with you it is better to make a reference to your past transaction which will make the email seem more authentic and prevent the reader from ignoring your mails. Do not keep on bombarding the readers with repeated mails. Send relevant mails at regular intervals to generate a positive response.

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