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23 Tactics to get High Traffic from Digg.com ! Read

1. In order to get traffic from Digg, you need to be sure that you understand how Digg work.

2. You need to pay attention to other user comments and be ready to respond  and be active in the

3. You need to get a feel of how and why a certain stories become popular. This is useful and giving you better understanding of how Digg work. This will also give you insights and how to make your stories and postings better.

4. Friends are important in Digg, so try to make as many friends as you can. It work like twitter. You want to reach as many contacts as you can.

5. You will need to make your profile look neat and professional as possible. It's just like your own website where people will visit and find out what you are about. So take advantage and make it as good as possible.

6. It is best to look for power users to be friend with. This is another way to get yourself more exposure in the long run.

Getting Traffic From Digg.com

7. It is important to submit only contents that worth something. Don't submits worthless links. You need to make sure that your contents are interesting and relevant.

8. Using keywords in Digg is important. Keywords get people's attention so use it in your posting title and contents.

9. Being a top user will get youself the most notice. So aim high and become top user.

10. You need to learn the language how Digg users express themselves. Make sure you are familar with it.

11. Keep yourself update and know what Digg users like and dislike. Most Digg users like Apple, technology stuff so get a feel of it.

12. You should know that there are more male than female users on Digg. By knowing demographic will give you more success.

More How To Get Traffic From Digg

13. Environment, science, breaking news, politics, comedy, and technology are hot topics on Digg. So use it in relation to your business for more effective.

14. Create eye catching titles is a surefire way to get yourself notice and get some Diggs.

15. Be sure to include important keywords in the descriptions.

16. Don't just write comments on stories, if you like something, go ahead and Digg it.

17. Do not use non-English content because most of Digg users are English based.

18. Subscribe to RSS feed on Digg to keep yourself updates with the latest news.

19. Write about Digg because peple like to hear about it.

20. Write good contents and you will get Diggs

21. Add Digg button to your website to get more Digg

22. Keep in mind that top 100 Digg users control more than half of website's content ranking.

23. Feel free to express yourself on Digg and be honest. If you don't like something, express yourself but do it in a good manner way so you don't seem like bashing people or it will hurt you and your business. Be nice.

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