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How to Increase Web Traffic with Facebook Page Promotion
Facebook, the largest social networking site, boosts more than 800 million active users. This is a massive audience to attract to your product, service or content site. One method marketers can use to increase website traffic is to create a “fan page” on Facebook. We’ll take a look at the different ways to attract fans and push them to your website.

Creating a Facebook Fan Page

First you need a Facebook fan page. Once you have created the page, fill in as much information as you can such as wall settings, fan permissions, country, logo, description, applications etc. If you are a brick and mortar business, do not forget to put your address in the description, so it is visible. Regardless of your business type, you should still put a contact phone number or general email address in the description for people who arrive at your fan page who want to contact you. This also helps to grow trust with your visitors.

Primary Fan Page Promotion

Once you have your fan page created and filled out, you need increase the number of “likes”. The numbers of “likes” are people who have selected to see your fan page’s wall postings on their own stream. This means whenever you make a new post on your own “wall” those people will see your latest content.
You can increase the number of “likes” by doing the following:
  • Click “Invite Friends” to select from your existing friends
  • Click “Import Contacts” to sent invites to email contacts and up to 5,000 email addresses from a .csv
  • Put a “Like Box” on your website
These people who “like” your page will be those who are the most likely people to add to your website traffic because not only do they have an interest in your site, they will be the first to see your new posts. These people are also important when you understand that they have friends of their own and can be mouthpieces for your site by sharing your links and talking about your site.

Secondary Fan Page Promotion

Not only do you want to attract Facebook users directly, you also want to leverage your presence on other sites to push people to your Facebook fan page and ultimately to your web site. If you have a Twitter account with a fair amount of followers then you should not only tweet the creation of your new Facebook fan page, but also tweet posts that appear on your wall with a link to the wall post. Also with Twitter, put the fan page URL in your background image. YouTube is a massive audience as well. If you have a YouTube channel, link to your fan page in the description. Include the fan page URL in your videos if possible in the beginning, end or as a bug throughout your videos. Social Media can be time-consuming and use resources that some businesses just don’t have. ThinkBIGsites can develop a social media package which includes development, management, and strategy tailored to your needs!
Next, include your fan page URL where ever you can. This includes in email signatures, on business cards, and print media, if applicable. Blogging about your new fan page whether it be on your own site or a guest spot can increase your reach to get people interested in your website.
Aside from purchasing PPC ads through Facebook, look into other PPC networks such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Publisher Network, and Bing Search Adverting. Other networks could be cheaper for cost per click, but their reach is not as vast as the three listed. For expert PPC Management, ThinkBIGsites can their employ their expert techniques to maximize traffic to your web site.


These recommendations and techniques will help you create a credible Facebook fan page and attract fans. With relevant wall posts linking back to your web site, you will certainly increase web traffic to your product, service or content site.

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