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 Best 3 Tools can Submit Your blog to Web Directories

A popular method of link building is through directory submission. It can be a tedious, repetitive process if you cut and paste your site information from a document or type in your sites information for each directory. Here are three tools to help you submit your sites and three places to find web directories.


digiXMAS screen shot
This is a fantastic piece of software that speeds up the link submission process. The digiXMAS Directory Submitter intelligently filling in the form fields and all you need to do is to confirm the category and fill in the CAPTCHA. The submission lists are maintained on a central server so you never have invalid sites appear in the process.
DigiXMAS gives you 150 active directories for free. However, you can have access to the entire list of directories which is about 900 for $15. It is a small price to pay for just as many inbound links.


InFormEnter screenshot
InFormEnter is a Mozilla Firefox add-on which fills in form data by right-clicking a small, non-evasive icon next to the input box. You set up a profile for your site by adding the information on separate lines (example: title, url, description). On the link submission page of the directory, right-clicking displays the list of available data. Click on the desired data, and InFormEnter fills the input box.
InFormEnter does not retain any lists submission directories; it is simply a tool to fill in any kind of form fields. The utility is handy for manually adding yourself to directories. It saves the typing and cut and pasting of the site information.

RoboForm Pro

RoboForm logo
RoboForm is another example of using a form filling application to aid in saving keystrokes when submitting to link directories. In the program, create a new profile, and select the custom tab. Create the following fields with your appropriate values: url, title, description, keywords, reciprocal link url, name, email.
For our purposes, you will need the Pro edition, it allows for unlimited custom fields instead of the three which comes with the free edition.

Looking for web directories?

Now that you have these tools to submit your sites, where do you find sites to submit to? Here are three places to find fresh and current directories that are waiting for your links.
Directory Critic A good resource for finding current lists of free, reciprocal, deep link and niche directories.
Directory Recap - Great site that keeps on top of removing out-of-date directories. Directory Recap has one thing that others do not, directory lists that can be imported into digiXMAS.
Digital Point Directories Forum - This is one of the first places directory owners go to announce their new sites as well as specials for featured listings. You can always find new directories to submit your sites to.
Personally, I use all three tools. I have a preference for the digiXMAS tool. It makes short work of the submission process. InFormEnter and RoboForm are best suited for the sites you find on Digital Point that fall outside of digiXMASs directory list.

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